Iron Man 2
Runtime: 2 h 4 min
Rated: PG-13
Released: 07 May 2010
Director: Jon Favreau
Writer: Justin Theroux, Stan Lee
Actors: Robert Downey Jr., Mickey Rourke, Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle
DVD release: 28 Sep 2010
Box Office: $312.1M
Company: Paramount Studios
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Tomato user meter: 74%
Tomato consensus: It isn't quite the breath of fresh air that Iron Man was, but this sequel comes close with solid performances and an action-packed plot.

Iron Man 2

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Tony Stark has declared himself Iron Man and installed world peace... or so he thinks. He soon realizes that not only is there a mad man out to kill him with his own technology, but there's something more: he is dying.
73%Rotten Tomatoes
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    • Something's missingThere's RDJ and his immeasurable charisma, there's Rockwell and Rourke rocking their lines, there's classy Paltrow and shallow ScarJo (bait for the horny nerds), there's good action.. and yet, something's missing. Don't get me wrong: this movie is FUN, from beginning to end. Too much talking? No way. Not enough action? Maybe, but there's plenty (2 fights, 1 'friend ruckus'). But the thread that ties it all together don't seem to be that strong (I blame it on Theroux). Anyway, go see it, you won't regret. One more thing: don't believe people telling that this movie talks way too much about the Avengers: a few bits here and there is not too much. And stay for the after-credits full movie reviewsource7/10
    • "leave your brain at the door" movie ; a "from 6 to 12 years" movieFirst, let me get this right; I am a FAN of the first Ironman movie;

      the American war propaganda machine looses its hero (the best weapon producer) when the Ironman character realizes after being confronted with suffering and death that peace is guaranteed by "having a bigger stick" than your opponent (good so far,.., but nevertheless fun with a bit of criticism);

      "welcome tony stark, the most famous mass-murderer in human history"(Ironman 1)- great;

      and so Ironman is created by tony stark, a charismatic, smart genius (very good performance from Robert Downey Jr.);

      and here in Ironman2: NOTHING, NO STORY, NO PLOT, EVEN NO ACTION; NO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT; just nothing; the tony stark character isn't even smart anymore; he is just arrogant and sometimes accidentally funny;

      when you watched the trailer you have seen ALL the action sequences (and i really mean ALL!) in the whole film; the whole film is filled with senseless dialogues; why replacing Terrence Howard with Don Cheadle??? Terrence did a good job, Don Cheadle doesn't fit in (although he was great in Traitor) Mrs. Paltrow is just annoying, annoying, annoying; Samuel L. Jackson just makes a 2 min commercial for the avenger movie; Sam Rockwell, well.., not so good:)

      the only positive thing are the action scenes with Mickey Rourke at the beginning (just at the about 5 min)and Scarlett Johanssons scenes ;) If you liked transformers 2, you will be satisfied with this brainless try of entertainment;

      My native language isn't English.
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    • Overall, disappointing...First of all, if you expect to see lots of action in this movie - you will be disappointed!

      Basically, all the action you will see in this movie is what you saw in trailer. I know people have different tastes. I prefer action over drama and comedy, some people prefer different. So just so you know, this is written from action lovers point of view. First Iron Man had lots of action and was pumped with adrenaline, that is the biggest reason I liked it. This part just doesn't cut it for me.

      Here are few things I disliked a lot about this movie:

      - there are a lot of random things in this movie, an example: while there is formula race about to begin, Tony decides to jump in one and race. I don't know if i missed some important part in this movie but I was like "What the hell??? That makes no sense how the hell did they let him???" or Tonies birthday party, man that was some random stuff right there.

      - there is this agent played by Scarlett Johansson. To describe her shortly: she is James Bond 2. She can do anything: beat 20 guards? you bet, hack system made by a guy who hacked into important military system in 10sec? no problem. Just an examples, you will see through movie, don't want to spoil it for you.

      - I expected 20-30min intro and then some epic action with great special effects, but I had to wait an hour and a half for that and it wasn't even epic!

      - OK, movie is coming to an end, time for epic battle! Just kidding, fight is over before you say "cookie"

      - stupidity of some scenes concerning highly sophisticated technology and system (also jail) security, an example: guy breaks through pentagon-like security system in 10sec, there are more things I'd like to add but I don't want to spoil it much for you as I mentioned.

      - this movie is... boring. Talking, talking, talking, more talking, the worst part is - this talking isn't even interesting! After 30min of talking all I heard was bla, bla, bla... If at least it was something worth listening to, but only parts worth listening to were where Tony makes a good joke.

      Now, why did I give it a "high" 5/10 if it was disappointing (overall)?

      1. Great special effects

      2. This movie made me laugh A LOT

      3.Scarlett Johansson looks better then Megan Fox in Transformers.

      This movie should be tagged as (in this order) Comedy, Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fi and Action as last if you ask me.

      I don't think I wasted 2h on watching this, but I expected more, much more...
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    • It's solid entertainment, but lacks the class of it's predecessorSaw the movie in a press screening here are my humble thoughts:

      Before I start with my short review of Iron Man 2, I have to say two words about Iron Man 1. I really dug the first one despite of being a little disappointed by the grand finale. Robert Downey Jr. kills it, action, humor, pacing... loved it. I'm not a big comic geek, and not that familiar with the original Iron Man comics, so please excuse if some of the stuff I thought was weird, was actually accurate adapted.

      So while the opening credits where rolling and I saw all the big names of actors that I happen to love, I really thought that it might be hard to give all of them a fair amount of stuff to do in the movie. And as it happened to turn out, I was right. I was especially disappointed by Mickey Rourke's part as Whiplash. Don't get me wrong, Rourke was great. He looks mean as usual and I loved every scene he's in. Unfortunately Favreau really pulled a Darth Maul on him. After the last fight I honestly sat in my chair and was like "that's it? you can't be serious?!". Rourke's Character had almost the same potential (at least from his talent as an actor and his looks in the movie) as Heath Ledger's Joker in Dark Knight. But he never lived up to that expectation due to the lack of screen time and, well... a purpose.

      But the main problem I had with Iron Man 2 was the lack of a meaningful story and motivation for almost all of the characters. We are introduced to Scarlett Johansson's "Black Widow", and blame it on my lack of knowledge of the graphic novels, but I had no Idea what her purpose in the movie was. The first part of the movie she's just the hot secretary with almost no lines. Eventually she puts on a tight super hero costume and tries to find Whiplash. There is a brief action-sequence, where she kicks some ass, but truth be told, Hit-Girl would wipe the floor with Black Widow. What I really liked though, was Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer. He totally killed it and you can tell he enjoyed his part as the sleazy scumbag pulling the strings in the background.

      I also liked Don Cheadle as James Rhodes (he was on par with Terrence Howard on this one), but I felt his character suffered from the lack of time for character development. There is this scene, where Tony Stark is seriously messed up, partying at his home in his Iron Man suit and randomly shooting stuff. Rhodes is tired of the situation and grabs himself another one of the Iron Man suits, battles Stark and than leaves. With the suit. I don't know if that's the way it was done in the comics, but I didn't like it at all. In the first movie we witness how Stark becomes Iron Man, how he needs to learn to use the suit and become one with it, how he builds it and we can understand, that he is the only one, who could use it that way. Apparently we're wrong, because all you need, is the suit. It's like anyone could be Batman, if he just could get a hold of his cape. There is no explanation as to why Rhodes can fly this suit like he owns it, there isn't anything told about the relationship between Stark and Rhodes. I just felt this part was incredible weak.

      The whole movie felt like a setup for another movie. Characters are introduced, stuff happens, but nothing really matters, at best it hints, that there COULD be happening something in the future.

      Another big problem I had though, was the lack of 'magic moments' and thrilling action, like in the first flick (I still get goosebumps, thinking about how Tony Stark flew in his suit for the first time). Everything just runs too smooth, there is almost no tension, you never think anything could harm Tony Stark, you never feel something bad is about to happen. If I compare this with the incredible Dark Knight, it feels like a kids movie, something like the ranks of Sky High. Plus, there was just to little Iron Man in Iron Man, to little I care about. Iron Man 2 was made to prepare us for The Avengers and Thor, but by being that, it kinda forgot to be something in it's own. That's the biggest difference to the first flick, who was original, fresh and smart.

      Sounds pretty much like a bash, but all that being said, I was fairly entertained. The performances of the main characters each were pretty good. The cast was perfect. Of course all the special effects are amazing, with a lot attention to detail. I loved all the 'augmented reality" stuff going on in Starks garage. The movie is funny (actually it felt more like a comedy than an action flick) and when the action happens, it's looking great. The biggest let down is the potential this movie and most and for all the characters had, which wasn't used. However this is only the review of someone who's fairly unfamiliar with the graphic novel.
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    • Rusting already..SPOILERS WITHIN. -----------------

      Take note, ladies and gentlemen. This is what happens when you rush a sequel into production without first having a quality script...or even a good script. This is simply a poor movie. No doubt that it's fun, but when the fundamentals are not there, you still end up dissatisfied.

      What is Tony Stark's goal? This is the most important part of any film story and here, it's missing. How does this happen? You can argue that his goal is to stop Whiplash, but Whiplash is never threatening anybody apart from the Monaco scene and the extreme end of the story, which is too few and far between to function as a proper goal for Stark. You can argue that his goal is to find the cure to his blood toxicity to keep himself alive, but he is only actively working toward that goal for less than 5 minutes, most of which is spent on a gag with Captain America's shield. Then he cures himself with such ease, all tension and conflict is completely killed. SO that can't be his goal, either. Hell, he spent more time driving around for the Audi commercial, which ironically meant as much to the remainder of the story as the new power cell - nothing.

      What is the villain's plan? First of all, who the hell is the villain: Whiplash or Justin Hammer? Hammer simply wants a defense contract, which poses a threat of zero to Stark if he succeeds in getting the contract. Whiplash has a pasted-in motivation that is as weak as a wet noodle. He fights Stark at the racetrack and then spends the remainder of the movie sitting in a room on the other side of the country, not threatening anybody at all (until the very end). It's good that he showed up with a security uniform on the off-chance that Stark would be driving a race car that day. Did anybody see where logic went? So with no villain posing any kind of threat to Stark for the entire second act of the story, and Stark having no goal of his own, we're left with a jumbled mess in the middle of the film. Stark acts out and does nothing remotely interesting or exciting because he simply has nothing else to do. His conflict with Pepper was so manufactured, I could almost hear the clatter of an assembly line every time they were together. It was entirely non-emotional, and because of that, I couldn't care.

      The hero and villain don't even encounter one another at all in the second act of this movie! They are off on their own doing boring crap instead.

      Nick Fury shows up and drops information in Stark's lap instead of Stark actually finding out for himself. Then Fury is basically gone for the remainder of the movie. Whatever the hell Scarlett Johansson's character's name was served no purpose at all. Why were these characters even in the movie? I know Scarlett was in because she got to wear tight leather and kick ass, which I personally loved, but I would appreciate it a bit more if it was somewhat story-related. Of course, you need a story first.

      You can argue that Scarlett had to stop Whiplash from maintaining control of the War Machine suit, but I don't even know how Whiplash gained control of it to begin with! We are never presented with that information. And if he can control War Machine, why not take control of Stark's suit? Hello? Logic? Where did you go? Logic, come back! The climax involves an long fight with drones, which becomes nothing more than robots slugging each other. In the first film, Stark was battling the technology that he created and had to learn to outsmart his opponent because he couldn't outgun him. Here, it's just mindless action. There is no threat of danger. The drones pose a threat as severe as a field mouse. Then Whiplash shows up to a scene where a battle was already fought, and they have another battle that is twice as short as the one with the drones. If you blink, you'll miss it. There is no struggle. No reversals. No tension. No anything.

      Why can't we have a summer action movie that is both fun and good? You can even site the first Iron Man as an example. What happened here? This movie is a complete joke and a borderline insult.

      But I think we all know by now that Hollywood only makes sequels because they want money, not because they have a story worth telling...or a story at all.

      If I didn't see this movie for free, I'd ask for my money back on account of a faulty product.
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